3.2.a: Increase utilization percentage of the Washington Small Businesses who have been awarded master contracts from 2.9%  in 2015 to 5% by 12/31/18

Data source: Department of Enterprise Services - Washington Electronic Business Solution (WEBS)

Supplemental Reports

November 2016 (click here)

Why is this a priority?

The Department of Enterprise Services is committed to efficient, effective and accountable government. Transparency is a critical element of accountability. This measure is a priority for Department Enterprise Services and other state agencies, because small businesses are the dominant business in the state (includes veteran, minority & women owned businesses). Stronger state government business link to majority of businesses drives the WA state economy. The ultimate goal is to increasing state master contracts spend with WA small businesses to realize the diverse economic value add.

How are we doing?

Q4’ 16 utilization of 5.1% represents $13,622,254 small business sales on master contracts (out of $266,872,037 total Q4 ‘16 vendor sales)

What are we working on?

Developed a list of targeted contracts to experiment with the following strategies:

  • Develop a process for small business friendly lead time and notification of procurements
  • Developing companion contracts
  • Use of inclusion plans
  • Outreach
  • Targeted mini-tradeshows
  • Improved/enhanced vendor on-boarding process
  • Provide technical assistance

How can you help?

Continued support of Department of Enterprise Services efforts to promote and encourage Washington Small Businesses to do business with state government.

You may find more information on Departments of Enterprise Services small business effort at: http://www.des.wa.gov/services/ContractingPurchasing/Business/BidOpportunities/Pages/SupplierDiversity.aspx

Update October 31, 2016

  • Q1 ’17 utilization data won’t be available until May 1st, so the next report for this measure will be May 2017.
  • Q4 ’16 was reported in February, which reflects that target was met/exceeded.
  • Q4 ’16 utilization of 5.1% represents$13,622,254 small business sales on master contracts (out of $266,872,037 total Q4 ‘16 vendor sales)
  • In an effort to better understand and analyze the data, we broke down the utilization data by IT goods and services versus non-IT goods and services (see chart below).

Reported by: Department of Enterprise Services - http://www.des.wa.gov/