1.3.g: Increase the number of students enrolled in online and hybrid courses in public 4-year colleges from 12,151 to 13,366 by 2016-17

Data source: Education Data & Research Center

Why is this a priority?

Online and hybrid delivery of higher education is important as the use of technology increase in our society. Not only does online and hybrid learning create opportunities to leverage technology to supplement the traditional classroom, it also allows our colleges and universities to reach students who need the flexibility in both time and place of their education.

How are we doing?

We currently use technology to deliver online education at both the baccalaureate and graduate level

We use online tools in conjunction with traditional classes to enhance students learning experience

We use online tools to allow place-bound students to access and participate in the traditional classrooms

What are we working on?

  • We are working on increasing course offerings for both online and hybrid education.

How can you help?

Reported by: Council of Presidents