2.1.a. Increase employment in these sectors by 9.9% (from 558,782 in 2015 to 613,922 through 2020): clean technology, agriculture, aerospace, life sciences, information and communication technology, and maritime.

Aerospace industry sector employment

Agriculture industry sector employment

Clean technology industry employment

Action Items: 

Information and communications technology industry sector employment

Life sciences industry sector employment

Maritime industry sector employment

Action Items: 

Why is this a priority?

Key industry sectors in the state have the capacity to grow and generate additional quality jobs as well as serving as magnets for further development. These sectors include: aerospace, agriculture, clean technology, information and communications technology, life sciences, and maritime.

How are we doing?

Green: Overall employment increased 9.5 percent from 2012 to 2015, surpassing the 2015 goal of 6.5 percent growth.

What are we working on?