4.1.b: Increase number of workers employed in the creative industries, measured by an increase in Washington's "Creative Vitality Index" number from 1.02 to 1.05 as reflected in 2018 data

Creative Vitality Index Regional Snapshot of Washington State

Why is this a priority?

The creative economy is a valuable segment of Washington’s economy. In 2016, creative industries accounted for $22.7 billion dollars in earnings, and 207,251 jobs. This has grown by more than 4% since 2015. While this is a growing and vibrant portion of our economy, we continue to reduce funding to the arts and arts education, which risks adversely impacting the state’s creative economy and industries.

How are we doing?

The Creative Vitality Index (CVI) measures a regions creative landscape.   It provides an overview of creative jobs, industry earnings, FDR grants, and Nonprofit revenues.  We are making steady progress, and are currently on track to meet our goal of 1.05 by 2018.  

What are we doing?

ArtsWA (The Washington State Arts Commission) has been charged by Governor Inslee and ResultsWA to track the state's creative economy through the use of high quality, creative economy data and reporting. The data demonstrates the clear impact of creative industries and creative activities on our economy, both now and projecting into the future.