2.1.a: Maintain the percentage of child victims in non-emergency Child Protective Services Intakes seen by a social worker within 72 hours of the intake at an annual average of 97% or higher by July 2017

Why is this a priority?
Children who have been identified as possible victims of child abuse and/or neglect in non-emergent cases need to be seen within 72 hours to assess safety and risk.
How are we doing?
Since March 2011, we have met or exceeded the target.
What are we working on?
Children's Administration (CA) continues to focus on timely responses to child abuse and/or neglect reports through frequent monitoring of data, initiation of a 1½ day “Safety Bootcamp” for case carrying staff from May through December 2016, regular case consultations, and case reviews.
How can you help?
The safety of children is everyone's responsibility and you can play a part. If you believe there is a problem, you must call to report it. Child Abuse/Neglect report line: (866) END-HARM (363-4276)How to report child abuse or neglect: How to Report Child Abuse or Neglect

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