2.1.b: Decrease the percentage of children in Division of Children & Family Services out-of-home placement five years or more from 4.5% in January 2015 to 4% by July 2017

Why is this a priority?
All children who cannot safely reside with their parents deserve a safe permanent home (permanency). We must decrease the percent of children in out-of-home placement, especially those in out-of-home placement 5 years or more by transitioning them to permanency.
How are we doing?
We have seen a continued decrease in the percent of children who have been in care five years or more.
What are we working on?
  • We are Implementing Family Assessment Response (FAR); a new Child Protective Services (CPS) pathway in an effort to respond to families when there are concerns about abuse and neglect, as well as support them to ensure children are safe.
  • Achieving permanency for all children
  • Ensuring children are able to have safe permanent home by going home to parents, or finding other safe permanent homes.
  • Multifaceted efforts to develop and support long term placement resources and placement stability for youth.

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