Progress - Open Data Planning

Open Data Policy

Adopted in 2015, the OCIO's open data planning policy promotes sustainable, accountable progress by agencies individually.
OCIO policy 187
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Community Support: Libraries

Thanks to a $470,000 grant from the Knight Foundation, Washington and California have been drafting a curriculum for public libraries to use to teach open data to their patrons.
Beta testing with WA libraries will be announced at the Washington Library Association's annual conference in Tacoma, November 2-3.

Community Support: UW

The University of Washington's iSchool has been a great supporter of Open Data in the state.  Thanks to a federal grant from 2016 they have been able to provide paid externship support for some agencies working on open data, and have promoted independent capstone projects that advance open data.
Interested agencies can post their project ideas here.

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State Agency Support: The Hall of Fame

Agencies making top marks for progress on their open data plans

Agency Plans: Common Commitments

Many agencies have adopted similar commitments in their open data plans.

Improvement Needed

The goal is 60 agencies by 2020 and we'll need to do better to reach it

screenshot of goal 5 measure 3.1 on September 4

Limited Resources

Our strategy to date is based on progress within existing resources.  That's a known limitation. Some agencies really can't or shouldn't put their resources toward a plan.
But several large agencies that are already publishing open data have not published a plan:
  • DSHS
  • LNI
  • WaTech
  • DES

Help is Available

OCIO staff make house calls, publish guidance, and we host data for free.
Even small agencies have done a draft plan in under an hour.
Some agencies have worked with interns to publish or improve open data.
  • Department of Transportation
  • Fish and Wildlife
  • Ecology

Due in October

The rhythm of this business suggests that late summer and early fall is a good time to do a plan.  Our annual deadline is October 31.
Contributing efforts can include:
  • Legislative reports due in December
  • Presentations at fall stakeholder conferences
  • Technology Business Management reporting, including public-facing apps
  • Public Records Request listings required by HB 1594/1595

snapshot of letter

Option:  Compliance Letter

We could send a short letter to agency directors asking that they check in with their teams.
This is normal practice for OCIO technology compliance matters, but Open Data is broader than just technology...
Could the letter come from Results Washington?

Option: Stewards meeting

Results Washington stewards meet regularly to develop ideas into results.