Scoping Flow Chart

Scoping Questions

  1. What is the unique role of the State with respect to this issue? What can only you do?
  2. Who is the executive sponsor?
  3. Who is the champion?
  4.  How should Results Washington be incorporated into this work?
  1. What could be expected to change in the next 24 months?
  2. Do we have the available resources within Results Washington or outside of Results Washington to meet our goals and impact change within 24 months?
Problem Definition
  1. What is the problem statement?
  2. If not defined who’s job is it to refine the problem statement?
  3. Who within Results Washington could be helpful to refine the problem statement if needed? 
 Resource Allocation
  1. Where resources are limited, what is the strategy to bring attention to the issue, use what you’ve got effectively etc.?
  2. Does this align with our Results Washington service offerings