Reducing Washington State Agency Green House Gas Emissions

Why:  We have reached a point where improved technology can reduce green house gas emissions by Washington State agencies while simultaneously increasing the energy efficiency of state government operations thereby reducing spending on energy.  
These benefits make it clear we have an obligation to citizens and taxpayers in Washington State to act to improve our energy efficiency and reduce our green house gas emissions.  

Areas of Opportunity

The Governor's office in partnership with State Agency leadership have identified 6 areas of opportunity to begin piloting and improving state performance.   These areas were identified based on their portion of the states emissions, or the direct relationship they have to improving other areas.  

Six Pilot Areas Include:

  • Zero Emission Vehicles 
  • New Construction of State Buildings 
  • Current Facilities 
  • Ferries 
  • Toxics
  • Budget and Finance 
(Click on the pictures below to explore what work is taking place in the given pilot areas)

Zero Emission's Vehicles 

New Construction

Current Facilities



Finance and Budget

How Are We Doing