Zero Emission Vehicles 

Vehicle Emissions 

Vehicle emissions are X% of Washington State governments emissions.   Gasoline powered vehicles also have significantly higher costs for maintenance and fuel costs over the life of the vehicles.  By transitioning state vehicles to zero emission vehicles we will see reductions in both green house gas emissions and costs of the vehicles over their useful life.  Below are visualizations that better show the various benefits in more detail.  

Costs Comparison 

Green House Gas Comparison 

Goal of procuring 100% zero emission vehicles

Replacing the entire state fleet is both costly and inefficient.  Ranges of electric vehicles still make it necessary to own and maintain gasoline powered vehicles. In addition many of these vehicles are fairly new.   Instead the most cost effective strategy is to focus on new vehicle procurement.   As agencies purchase new vehicles we have a goal that all new purchase are zero emission vehicles.  These vehicles will be far less expensive and reduce the states green house gas emissions.  The chart to the left shows how we are tracking against that goal since X date