1.2.a: Increase percentage of agencies measuring timeliness for agency core services from 89% to 100% by June 30, 2016

Agencies measuring core services for timeliness

Thirty five agencies out of thirty six measure core services for timeliness. Thirty four of the agencies are measuring 100% of core services for timeliness

Why is this a priority?
Timely service is critical to meeting our customers’ needs. To improve service for all customers, all agencies need to measure timeliness of core services.
How are we doing?
Many agencies are collecting and using timely service data. Currently, 36 agencies are participating in this measure and 35 measure timeliness. That is 97% compared to our goal of 100%.
What are we working on?
We are asking all agencies who are not yet measuring timeliness to do so by June 2016. We are offering each other assistance, sharing action plans and best practices. We will monitor and report progress. Read more in detailed action plans from each agency.
How can you help?
If you are a customer, you can influence service improvement efforts. Please check agency websites for ways to give feedback. If you are an agency, contact the Department of Licensing’s Office of Performance and Accountability, to ask for or offer assistance implementing action plans.